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laser hair removal Sydney CBD

How many times have you suffered a burn from the hot wax? How many times have you sat down before a function and cried to yourself because you had to shave? It is such a pain to go for waxing sessions every month or opt for threading your upper lips every other week. Not only is it a constant pain, some of us have busy lives and can’t seem to manage to take out time for all this. However, it does seem important to do so.

Waxing is not only painful but it also creates small bumps on the skin almost like pimples. So if you get a waxing session prior to a function, you would have to deal with those pimples too. And if waxing is not a pain itself, now you have a bigger problem at hand. Also, waxing does not take out your hair from the root which leads to ingrown hair. And let’s not forget the excruciating pain we have to go through.

Also, shaving can sometimes be a better option than waxing since it is practically pain free unless you do not cut yourself. In that case, shaving would feel like the worst option ever. But, shaving has its drawbacks too. One of the worst part of shaving is the strawberry legs. Since shaving just removes the hair from the surface and not from the hair follicles, it leads to the issue of ingrown hair. The results also do not last long since the hair grow pretty quickly. You have to shave every three day or five, depending on your hair growth. So both of the option do not seem as charming as they should which takes us to our last option i.e laser hair removal Sydney CBD.

Laser hair removal has brought a revolution in the world and in Hollywood as well. All the models and Actresses are opting for it. So what makes it so popular? Basically, it is a painless procedure which uses laser to target and eliminate the hair from the main follicle permanently or sometimes semi permanently. But in the cases in which the hair does grow back, it grows back very light and is more of a fuzz. Laser hair removal would not have you sitting in the seat for hours, one sessions lasts for twenty to thirty minutes and you can get hairless skin in six to eight sessions depending on your hair growth.

Laser hair removal might seem costly to you at first but it would save you heaps of money in the long run. Since you would be hair free, you would not have to book wax appointments every 2-3 weeks. And it is a onetime investment. The advantages of it are far too many than the cost itself. It would also make your skin smooth since all the hair and fuzz would be gone so you can say hi to your dreamy, silky skin.

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